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ULTRAPURE Laboratories have been pioneering advances in clinically proven products for generations. Our ULTRAPURE skincare brand, available exclusively in Irish pharmacies, includes pristine mineral salts, toners, gels and essential oils. We insist on the highest standards in our ingredient selection, formulation and manufacturing. Our mission is to deliver a skincare range so pure it is trusted by our consumers and recommended by pharmacies.

ULTRAPURE products are exclusive to pharmacies only and available from all leading pharmacies across the country.

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Trusted by Consumers

As the body’s largest organ; we believe that your skin should be protected and soothed with only the purist of ingredients. We work hard to deliver a perfectly pure range of skincare products, scientifically proven to nourish your skin.

Our results are driven by years of experience built on continual innovation and education. We guarantee purity combined with scientific research in a skincare range that will be kind to even the most sensitive skin. Get in touch today to discuss your skincare needs.

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ULTRAPURE skincare products are available exclusively in Irish pharmacies.
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